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Learn French daily with an e-mail, a story, and a personalized correction. In each lesson, follow the adventures of Victor Hugo as he explores the Francophone universe. The lessons are humorous, practical and include a wide variety of accents. Our lessons are adapted for post-beginners (from 15 years old).

More than 4,000,000 people use our method!

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メールアドレスを入力することにより、あなたは当社の利用規約およびプライ>バシーポリシー(当社がお客様の匿名性とプライバシーの権利を尊重する内容です!)に同意したことになります。 当社のレッスンはメールで送信されるため、あなたは当社からメールを受け取ることになります!定期受講はいつでも解除することができます。

How we make learning easy for you:

1 A fun, daily e-mail
Every day, you'll receive a selection of exercises, texts, dialogues, and mini-lessons in French. These include original stories and historical notes that match your level and objectives.

2 Personal feedback
Once you have sent your answers, you will receive a correction with your daily score, as well as personalized explanations and information.

3 Intelligent lessons
The course adapts to your wishes, needs, and learning speed. An artificial intelligence engine builds each lesson to focus on the points you struggle with, as well as the topics you've requested.

More than 4,000,000 people use our method

The easiest, friendliest way to learn French


A daily 'workout'

Spend 10 to 15 minutes daily practicing your French.


A Story

Fun lessons keep you motivated.



Personalized content to match your learning profile.


Multi support

Available on PC, tablet & smartphone.

What our users are saying

  One of the biggest advantages is the personalization of the learning process. The short daily schedule (15 minutes for the lesson and 5 to review the correction) helps maintain motivation and participation as it doesn't affect your working day (...). Steve (San Francisco)
  Frantastique is better than just learning French in a traditional way. It allows me to improve my skills. There's no need to spend a lot of time on each lesson, and the mix of pedagogy and cultural references integrated into the adventures of Victor Hugo is much appreciated! Jackie (Boston)


メールアドレスを入力することにより、あなたは当社の利用規約およびプライ>バシーポリシー(当社がお客様の匿名性とプライバシーの権利を尊重する内容です!)に同意したことになります。 当社のレッスンはメールで送信されるため、あなたは当社からメールを受け取ることになります!定期受講はいつでも解除することができます。



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Frantastiqueからのメールを確実に受け取れるよう、学習コンテンツの送信メールアドレスとなる をアドレス帳またはホワイトリストに追加することをお勧めします。

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