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Frantastique is an ideal complement to university French courses. The program lends itself perfectly to the schedule of a university or college student, allowing them to practice French daily and consolidate their acquired knowledge over the long term. Supervision tools are made available to teachers and administrators to monitor students' progress, allowing teachers to design complementary lesson plans.

Accessible for everyone: anyone with an e-mail address can follow a Frantastique training course. There are no complicated technical requirements.

Certification & Diploma

Diplôme Frantastique


Upon finishing your training, Frantastique provides a certificate of completion including detailed statistics on progress and participation rate..


Frantastique provides students and teachers with the equivalence of their CECR (European reference for language proficiency) levels.


Supervision tools and a dedicated web space are provided for the teachers and administrators. This space provides a snapshot of students' progress within the French course, and includes detailed information about scores, participation rates, and more, allowing teachers to track and assess each student's progress easily, individually and within a group. Students are evaluated continuously throughout the lessons on a scale of 0 (beginner) to 5 (professional mastery of international French).

Frantastique & Teacher

Frantastique & Teacher is intended to strengthen the synergy between university French courses and daily practice. Each student has access to an interface in the margin of their Frantastique e-mails for selecting the points they would like to review with the teacher. Teachers receive an up-to-date 'teacher's brief' by e-mail before every lesson, detailing the common objectives and needs of the class. This option is available to Frantastique University users at no extra cost, and can be activated at any time for any teacher for the duration of a Frantastique University subscription.

More than 40 colleges and universities use our method

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University Program: Terms of the offer


School administrators or professors guarantee both the authenticity of the list of students using the program, and assure the students' supervision (evaluations, scoring and participation rate). Additionally, the university agrees to communicate about their experience using Frantastique, as well as link exchanges on our respective websites.


Frantastique offers one month of free trials for an unlimited number of students. The tools for continuous supervision and evaluation of students will be provided for teachers and administrators.

The advantages

Practical Content

Our lessons cover a diverse range of topics. Our goal is to provide our students with a strong grasp of practical French.

French Culture

Using citations, film extracts, songs and more, we'll introduce different aspects of the Francophone world.

Visible Progress

Students will improve quickly, and stay motivated in the long term. Finally, an online langage training method that works!

The results

Our current students have an 80% participation rate!


The 'Frantastique University Program is addressed to professors and administrators of universities and educational institutions. Please contact us for more information.

  Max. Number of lessons Max. Duration Price
6 months 120 lessons 30 hours $95 / license
  Max. Number of lessons Max. Duration Price
6 months 120 lessons 30 hours 90 € / license
  Max. Number of lessons Max. Duration Price
6 months 120 lessons 30 hours £ 64 / license
  Max. Number of lessons Max. Duration Price
6 months 120 lessons 30 hours $ CAD 118 / license