Why it works

There is no point in making a fantastic French course if no one uses it. It is crucial to motivate users to keep completing their lessons, and to make sure they want to keep learning.

1. Motivation is key

E-mail (or push notification)

Sending our lessons by e-mail (or push notification) helps our students' motivation. Since each lesson comes directly to the student, the course requires less effort on their part.

A fun & practical course

Our lessons have a storyline, plenty of humor and cultural insights, and feature interesting and topical subjects. Frantastique's teaching team works hard to create a learning environment which is not only stimulating, but also meets the needs and expectations of our users. Our aim is to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible!

2. Personalization and innovative technologies (Adaptive Learning)

The artificial intelligence engine and
content personalization

Our artificial intelligence engine, A9expert, builds daily, personalized lessons for each individual user to receive by e-mail (or push notifications) every morning. The following factors are taken into account when building each user's daily lesson: French level / Aims and objectives / Capacity to memorize new terms and concepts.

Instant correction

Every day, A9expert detects the needs of each student based on their answers to previous lessons and exercises, as well as requested vocabulary and grammar. We then send a personalized correction almost instantly following the lesson. The correction contains your score for the day, personalized notes and comments, translations or definitions of the French vocabulary you requested, scripts for audio and video exercises, etc.

3. Memorization and revision (Spaced Learning)

As time goes by...

In order to retain information in the long term, our system creates a revision schedule adapted to each user. The system calculates the ideal length of time to wait before reminding them about a particular vocabulary item or grammar topic.

New approach to retaining new information

By using an innovative approach based on biological and psychological studies, it is possible to learn and retain 10 to 50 times more information than by using traditional methods. We're making your new knowledge stick for good.

More than 3,000,000 people use our method