Les chiffres - orthographe

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Les chiffres - orthographe

The spelling of larger numbers in French can be complicated. Here are some basic rules.

•  For numbers ending in ‘one’, et is used:
vingt et un twenty one
cinquante et un fifty one

•  Except for these 2 numbers:
quatre-vingt-un eighty one
quatre-vingt-onze ninety one

•  A hyphen is used for numbers less than 100:
vingt-quatre twenty four
soixante-quinze seventy five

•  Cent and vingt take an ‘s’ if there are more than one. If they are followed by more digits then no ‘s’ is needed:
deux cents two hundred
huit cent quatre eight hundred and four
quatre cent quatre-vingts four hundred and eighty
quatre cent quatre-vingt-quatre four hundred and eighty four

•  Mille doesn’t take an ‘s’ in the plural:
quatre mille four thousand

•  Million and milliard are nouns, so take an ‘s’ in the plural:
vingt millions twenty million

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