La prononciation d’emm

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La prononciation d’EMM

When situated at the start of a word, emm- (or remm-) is pronounced like this:
emmener (to take, to lead)
emménager (to move in)
emmuré (walled-in, trapped)
remmener (to take back)

When situated in the middle of a word, emm is pronounced like the letter m:
flemme laziness
dilemme dilemma

At the end of a word, -emment is pronounced like -ament: This includes adverbs like évidemment.
évidemment obviously
fréquemment frequently
différemment differently
patiemment patiently

Note: some adverbs are spelled with an -amment ending and are pronounced like -emment. The adjective form determines whether it’s an -amment or -emment ending.
méchant nasty, spiteful méchamment spitefully, badly
élégant elegant, smart élégamment elegantly, smartly
différent different différemment differently

- The emm spelling in the term femme (woman) is pronounced am
- The emm spelling in the cheese term emmental is pronounced ém

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