Designed with your schedule in mind

Short, daily lessons

Our 15-minute lessons are sent straight to your inbox or app, up to five days a week.

Fun, relevant content

Our lessons feature authentic cultural references, original stories and characters voiced by native speakers.

Available for mobile and desktop

With apps available for iOS and Android, enjoy your lessons whenever and wherever you like.



Learning made easy

Motivating courses

Our lessons are designed to keep you coming back day after day with funny, personalized content delivered in short, digestible bites.

Adaptive learning

Courses progress at your pace and each lesson automatically adapts to your level and learning needs.


Our custom AI software is designed to help your knowledge stick. New concepts and areas to revise are delivered at the perfect intervals for long-term retention.

Courses tailored to your needs

Individual workbook

Every student has access to a personalized Workbook containing a recap of vocabulary, grammar and all the key points in your lessons.

Customizable topics

Choose the topics you’d like to cover, highlight the areas you want to revise, and receive a personalized correction after every lesson.



Help when you need it

Priority tech support

With our Premium and Pro offers, your technical support requests will go to the front of the line.

One-to-one learning support

Our PRO subscription allows you to communicate directly with our content team to ask questions, and make comments and suggestions.

Handy tools for HR professionals

Dedicated supervisor space

Manage students and check their progress with our integrated supervision area.

Blended learning

This allows you to work with language school partners, combining Frantastique with their own face to face lessons.

Online shop

Our online shop allows you to purchase and manages licences for your employees.



Assess your level and get certified

Personalized portfolio

Our free trial includes a complete level assessment. Track your progress in real-time, see current strengths and weaknesses, along with past improvement and future revision needs.

Professional diploma

You'll get a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

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