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French Lessons for Individuals

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Frantastique's pedagogical approach is based on the long-term consolidation of acquired knowledge through daily contact with the French language.

Subscriptions are offered for periods of 6, 12, 24 and 36 months (as well as a  'pay as you go' offer), with lesson plans designed for long-term retention even without daily practice.

Certification & Diploma

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Upon finishing your training, Frantastique provides a certificate of completion including detailed statistics on progress and participation rate..


Frantastique provides students and teachers with the equivalence of their CECR (European reference for language proficiency) levels.

The advantages

  • Frantastique, pour l'opérationnel et Business

    Fun lessons

    The ongoing stories within Frantastique lessons makes learning French an enjoyable activity, not a chore. A joke here and there keeps our students motivated too!

  • Frantastique, pour l'opérationnel et Business

    Practical Content

    Our lessons cover a diverse range of topics. Our goal is to provide our students with a strong grasp of practical French.

  • Frantastique c'est un français actuel

    French Culture

    Every day you'll hear a citation with different accent, film extracts, songs and more to help you explore the richness of French culture around the world!

  • Frantastique donne des résultats

    The results

    With an 80% participation rate on average, our approach is effective. Our goal is keeping our students motivated in the long term. With a daily workout, your French will improve quickly and naturally!


  Max. Duration 'BASIC'
(for Individuals)
(for Individuals)
      + Premium Technical Support
6 months 30h. (max 120 lessons) $49 / month $77 / month
12 months 60h. (max 240 lessons) $36 / month $55 / month
24 months 120h. (max 480 lessons) $29 / month $44 / month
36 months 180h. (max 720 lessons) $22 / month $33 / month
'Pay as you go'   $69 / month $111 / month
See prices in € (Euros), in $ CAD (Canadian Dollars), in £ (Pounds)

In accordance with our agreement with State educational organizations in France, each completed e-mail is considered a 15-minute training period. Within the framework of an annual subscription, for example, a student is entitled to receive up to 240 e-mails of language activities, i.e., a maximum theoretical duration of 60 hours of training hours. The actual duration of the training period depends on the student's participation as well as holidays and vacation days.


For every two subscriptions purchased at the same time, and with the same debit card, receive a third subscription for free.


Sponsor your friends, family and colleagues and add free months to your Frantastique subscription.