Our offers


Learn French or improve it from anywhere with Frantastique: a fun and practical course with a touch of culture! Different offers for different needs: 6,12, 24, 36 months and 'pay as you go' subscriptions.


Frantastique's PRO offer is designed for companies wishing to provide their employees with French language training. Anyone with an e-mail address can follow a course. Your collaborators will improve quickly, and stay motivated in the long term. An HR supervision space is available to HR directors and training managers to track progress and participation.


Frantastique is an ideal complement to university French courses. The program lends itself perfectly to the schedule of university or college students. One month of free trials for an unlimited number of students is available upon request.


Since its launch in November 2004, Gymglish/Frantastique has built a network of partner language schools and teachers around the world: regular French courses with a teacher or tutor, and daily French training by e-mail with Frantastique.